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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Dartmoor Fern Harvest


“He voiced his opinion on a day when he and Lawrence were working together on the great fern slopes under the Beacon. There, some weeks before, the bracken had been mown down with scythes, and now the harvest was dry and ready to be stacked for winter litter. They made …

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Drywell Cross


“A bit of news I think I have for lovers of Dartmoor is that just above this farm Drywell built into a walled hedge is the upper part of a regularly shaped stone cross. My farmer-hot remembers it being put into that position, but he does not remember  anything about …

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Murchington Cross


One of our crosses is missing – well it’s not actually missing it was just shunted some 45 kilometres around Devon from Bow to Murchington then to Down St. Mary. As always, whilst researching Murchington I was looking on the old 1906 OS 25 inch map when I spotted a …

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The Dartmoor Cowboy

What comes to mind when the word ‘Range’ is mentioned on Dartmoor? The chances are that images of red flags, military activities, firing notices and warning signs are likely candidates. But what about cowboys riding through such places as Deadman’s Bottom or Sniper’s Gully as they round up their steers …

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Rushford Mill


“A picturesque agglomeration of buildings, beside the river. The mill-wheel, fed by a stream taken from the Teign some distance up the valley and here returned again to the parent water, thundered on its solemn round in an eternal twinkling twilight of dripping ferns and green mosses; while hard by the …

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Datuidoc Stone


And did those feet in ancient times – walk upon the ancient Datuidoc Stone, and therein begins the story of this early relic which today resides inside St. John’s Church at Lustleigh. As can be seen below, today the Datuidoc Stone is securely fixed to the west end wall of …

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In the Footsteps of the Victorians


In The Footsteps Of The Victorians. Aspects of change in the Wrey Valley and surrounding area 1837 – 1901. The Lustleigh Society and Individual Authors – 2018. ISBN 978-0-9957122-1-8 Paperback – 211 pages Short Run Press Ltd, Exeter. Price – £10.00 (plus p. & p.) “In 1837, at the start …

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Fingle Mill


“A river, near, runs bright and clear, Which turns the mill around: And there, the corn both night and morn, Is by the miller ground.” Samuel Wrayford on Fingle Mill. Since the mid 1800s tourists have flocked to the picturesque area of the famous Fingle Bridge and Fingle Mill on …

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Two Ducks


  At the weekend I attended an emergency services open day and was interested to see all the support teams and equipment the police had. There were rapid response teams, dog handlers, traffic investigators, mounted police to name but a few. Their equipment included drones, dogs horses, guns, fast cars …

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Legends of the Grey Wethers


One of the more popular of Dartmoor’s stone circles are the enigmatic ‘Grey Wether’s, two stone circles found on the eastern flank of Sittaford Tor. These stone circles are particularly fortunate insomuch as there are five legends that attach themselves to these prehistoric ritual features. The Grey Wethers – version …

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