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Dartmoor Flora and Fauna


Dartmoor abounds with flowers, mosses, lichens and trees of every hue and size. Over the centuries many of these plants have played an important part in the lives of the moor folk. Some provided food for their tables whilst others made up their medicines chests. Virtually every plant has some aspect of folklore, tradition and superstition firmly attached to them.

As one can imagine with a place the size of Dartmoor there are and have been an immense variety of wildlife. Some sadly are no longer with us such as the wolf. But in tradition and legend the beasts live on albeit in some cases as distant memories. This section covers wild animals, past and present and some mythical beats that live in the land of legend. It seems that all the time mysterious beasts are glimpsed stalking the moors from wild boars to wild cats and in some cases these animals make their homes upon the wastes and commons.