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Dartmoor Places

Harford Church

  “Through the hamlet of Cornwood they drove, past a graceful cross that lifted beneath an oak; and then onward by hill and dale and farmstead, by water-meadows and streamlets, through woods and pastures, their road extended – so lonely that it was grass-grown in places. The lanes – survivals …

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Thornworthy Down

  If ever you want to ‘get down’ on Dartmoor there are numerous ‘down’ to get on. It is amazing how much of interest both past and present that can be found on the Dartmoor Downs. Thornworthy Down is a prime example. It covers roughly two Ordnance Survey grids within …

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Vag Hill

Although not marked on the modern OS map the termination of the ridge of Yartor Down is known as Vag Hill. For once there can be no confusion with this Dartmoor place-name as Vag was the vernacular term for the peaty turf found on the lower commons and although inferior …

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Huntingdon Warren

“The Warren House stood before them under a ragged sycamore, it was almost the loneliest inhabited dwelling in Devon. and its squat, white face peered out upon the wilderness from under a black, tar-pitched roof. The rabbit warrens spread on either hand and the dwelling lay in the protection of …

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Evil Combe

“Evil Combe – Steep valley edges drop to boggy ground that the sun doesn’t touch, and where nothing but heather dares to grow. The wind, exhausted from its long journey across the moors, howls like the great wild dogs that are rumoured to roam these parts. Some believe the devil …

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Uncle Ab’s House

“Follow the track S. W, we soon reach the head of the combe down which Middle Brook runs, and which is known as Petre’s Pits Bottom. In this are the ruins of a building in which it used to be said that the horses employed by the Red Lake Peat …

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Lettaford Chapel

Lettaford is a small hamlet situated on an old packhorse track a few miles to the west of North Bovey. The earliest record of the hamlet appeared in the Assize Rolls of 1244 as Lottreford then down through the centuries it mutated into Litterford, Liddaford until arriving at today’s Lettaford. …

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Devil’s Tor


“Meanwhile the warrener pushed for that desolate elevation known as Devil’s Tor, gaining which he sat down with his face to the south and rested a while. The spot was singular, and the hill itself crowned with no irregular peaks and turrets of shattered stone like its neighbours. Instead, masses …

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Queen of the Dart

Old Crockern the ancient deity of Dartmoor is reputed to have warned that; “if you scratch my back then I’ll rip you pockets out.” which basically signalled that there was/is no profit to be made by exploiting Dartmoor’s natural resources. In the cases of numerous Dartmoor mining ventures this certainly …

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Diamond of Dartmoor


  “… passing through a gateway makes a direct descent of the steep, rugged and often very wet Diamond Lane. (This part of the route must surely have called into question the physical fitness of pedestrian monks as well at the surefootedness of palfreys and packhorses!). – Hemery, p.187. As …

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