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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Sousson’s Stroll


Plans are afoot to alter the landscape of Soussons Plantation so the idea was to have a stroll around the plantation before that happens. Another objective was to get some photographs of the three prehistoric barrows which nestle in a small clearing within the plantation, which I had never seen …

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Langstone Moor Xploration

Langstone 1

  This little Xcursion was due to a Westcountry phenomenon called ‘drectly’, which means if something has to be done and it’s done drectly then it’s put off to the very, very last moment at the earliest. At university it’s assignment time and one of them is to give two …

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Broadun China Clay Works


  Walk out from Postbridge along Drift Lane and you soon come to the bottom of Broad Down (Broadun) and then you are faced with a stiff climb to its summit, back in the day this particular ascent was know as ‘The Bastard’. Probably the reason it acquired this name …

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Dartmoor Rodeo


  There are numerous traditions that Dartmoor can claim as being unique, this website contains many of them. But there was one that was popular in the 1920s and early 1930s that was definitely imported from elsewhere. No doubt you will have seen images of Marlboro smoking cowboys, dressed in …

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Saint or Sinner

“… the noted Teign Head George. George was quite a character in his way, and though reared in a remote spot where little or no association with his fellows was to be found, developed a great liking for company nevertheless. The neighbouring village of Chagford knew him often, he had …

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Spitchwick Manor

  Spitchwick, the name sounds as if it would have graced any Dickens novel but it actually refers to the ancient Manor. Pre-conquest the manor was owned by Earl Harold but the first documented evidence of it can be found in the Exchequer Domesday Book of 1086 where it’s listed …

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A Dartmoor Custom Revival


  Ever since mankind reverted from hunter gathering to permanent settlement there was a need to define tribal lands. As time progressed the ‘lands’ became manors, parishes etc and there was always a need to claim the rights of ownership which distinguished these lands from their neighbours. On Dartmoor the …

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Meldon Viaduct


  “Meldon Viaduct hung like a spider’s web spun of silver above the mists of the gorge. Arms fell from it to the darkness below, and the whole, fraught with night’s own magic, possessed a beauty of its own —a beauty higher than the inherent beauty of perfect adaptation to …

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Fisherman’s Ghost


  Here is a strange tale that was in circulation in 1892 and tells of a sportsman’s experience whilst out on Dartmoor in pursuit of game. There is a strong connection, as far as locality and characters go between fact and reality as will be seen later. “I had been …

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A Dartmoor Christmas Nightmare


Christmastime is never complete without a ghost story and this one dates back to 1847 and relates the terrifying experience one lone traveller had whilst travelling across Dartmoor. Nobody can ever prove or disprove such stories but as far as this particular traveller goes what you are about to read …

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