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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Memorials of Dartmoor

Memorials 2

Dartmoor is literally studded with memorials of one kind or another, each and every one has a different association with either a person, event, belief, a pet, etc. They can be found anywhere from the open moor to village greens and virtually every other location imaginable. Many have lost the …

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Franklin Nights

Franklin 2

At one time, not too long in the past cider was as common a beverage as Typhoo tea is today upon Dartmoor. Not only was it a popular drink in the pubs and inns but many farms had their cider orchards whose apples would make the families yearly supply. During …

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One sure sign that Spring has arrived is the shrill warbling of a colourful bird usually sat atop a rock or boulder, this is the Wheatear. When you look carefully at this small bird you could be forgiven for wondering what about its appearance could possibly suggest either wheat or …

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Swallerton Gate

Swallerton GateA

No doubt numerous folk have sped through Swallerton Gate on their way to Jay’s Grave or Manaton, likewise many people would have parked in the car park near to Swallerton Gate before tripping up to Hound Tor. On the surface there is not a lot to see at Swallerton neither …

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The Kelly Mine


 Please note access to the mine and its surrounds are by prior appointment only as the land is privately owned. The chosen route for our first full day’s walk during the Easter break was from Trenchaford Reservoir, down past Bullaton Farm and then onto the Kelly Mine via the steep …

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Top Tor to Buckland Beacon


Just after Easter we rented a cottage at Holwell Farm in order to pick up some photographs for this website and to partake in a bit of moor rambling. As I had not set foot in anger on Dartmoor for a good eight months it was prudent not to be …

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Hemsworthy Gate

  Every day numerous cars, vans and buses thunder across the cattlegrid at Hemsworthy Gate as they travel between Widecombe-in-the-Moor and Bovey Tracy or come up from Ashburton. Today one could easily remark that there is nothing special about the place especially as there is in fact no gate to …

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Bullaton Farm

PLEASE NOTE – Bullaton Farm is on private land and the only access is the public footpath running above the farm. There are numerous farms dotted around Dartmoor so why this page on Bullaton. It may sound sad but it is because of two very special features that can be …

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Visitors’ Book

Welcome to Legendary Dartmoor, the largest non-commercial Dartmoor website where you will find every aspect of Devon’s jewel the Dartmoor National Park. Legendary Dartmoor includes information on the traditions, history, flora and fauna, legends, the supernatural, the Dartmoor arts, people past and present, places and folklore. I hope you will …

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Windy Post

Windy Post

Not all walks on Dartmoor have to be expeditions, if you have an hour to spare there are some nice short ‘trundles’ that will give a great deal of pleasure. One such is a short stroll to The Beckamoor Cross or as it is commonly known – The Windy Post. …

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