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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Mythical Bottor Rock

Amongst other claims to fame the small rock pile called Bottor Rock is arguably the most eastern of Dartmoor tors. The small pile can be found just south-west of the tiny village of Hennock and stands at a height of 793 feet. If you read most of the topographical Dartmoor …

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The Purple Harvest on Dartmoor.


  “To where the Whortleberries lure I hie, Thinking of tasty whortleberry pie; A most delightful, delicacy it To set before the epicure is fit! The picker’s task, maybe, is tedious, Gathering the blue-black globules of the bush. Now once again is whortleberry time, Down westwards in our glorious summer …

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‘Just William’ on Dartmoor


  As a boy I loved the ‘Just William’ books which were written by Richmal Crompton, William was my hero, always into mischief but ever the lovable rogue. In many ways he somewhat reflected my childhood spending his days roaming his village and countryside on his various adventures and misadventures. …

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The Well-Watered Land


Author – Jez Wilkinson Paperback – 192 pages. Publisher – Blackingstone Publishing Publication Date – 1st September 2016 ISBN-10 – 0995498601 ISBN-13 – 078-0995498600 Price – £12 Normally it takes me ages to finish a book as I find that reading is so soporific that I usually fall asleep after …

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Near Miss at Princetown


  It’s Tuesday the 19th of June 1933 and Dartmoor was enveloped in one of its infamous mists, the inhabitants of Princetown are going about their daily business with the odd day tripper viewing the notorious Dartmoor Prison. At about 1.00pm the sound of a distant approaching aircraft could be …

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Palstone Cross – Rescued by the Monks


  On the 1st of March 1950 the Western Morning News carried the following headline – “Ancient Devon cross found broken and buried beside farm gate.” and this was referring to the discovery of an important relic of Dartmoor’s history. As with many of the old stone crosses which once …

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Done One From Dartmoor


“I will never try it again, I did not know what Dartmoor was like.” Princetown – February the 6th 1931 – It was a typical chilly February day at Princetown with the infamous Dartmoor mist rolling across the moor. The village was going about its daily business when suddenly the …

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Did He Die or Disappear?


On the 26th of February 1909 the following appeared in many of the local newspapers; “The usually peaceful little town of Okehampton is just now greatly excited at the fact that Mr. Harford Green, a Hertfordshire gentleman, who had been staying there, has been missing for three days.” What they …

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River Dart Claim’st a Heart


  “Dart, Dart, cruel Dart, every year thou claim’st a heart.” The above famous saying dates way back into the realms of Dartmoor’s folklore and refers to the fact that over the centuries the River Dart has claimed many lives. There can be no question that at times the river can …

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Stanley Thurston

On the 26th of March 1941 the Western Morning News published the following report under the headline of ,”Vanished from Dartmoor.” It read: “Stanley Thurston the man who boasted that no English goal could hold him, escaped from Dartmoor Prison yesterday morning and was still at large up to a …

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