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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Gisperdown Cross

As you trundle up the steep, narrow lane that comes from Harbourneford with its high banks you suddenly come across the cattle gridded entrance to Gisperdown Farm. To the right of the cattle grid is an extremely neat ivy-capped field wall. After a casual glimpse you realise that embedded in …

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Henhouse Capture

Let me take you back to Princetown on the morning of Tuesday the 4th of June 1907. It’s ten o’clock and Princetown is suddenly engulfed in a shroud of thick Dartmoor fog – nothing new there then. Through this opaque wall of mist can be heard the sound of horse’s …

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Queen of the Dart

Old Crockern the ancient deity of Dartmoor is reputed to have warned that; “if you scratch my back then I’ll rip you pockets out.” which basically signalled that there was/is no profit to be made by exploiting Dartmoor’s natural resources. In the cases of numerous Dartmoor mining ventures this certainly …

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Holne Revel


Bacchanalian rites and pagan sacrifices on Dartmoor, surely not? Licentious and bawdy carousing at Holne, the birthplace of Charles Kingsley, can’t be? Well, sadly it’s was probably true, I say sadly because the ‘Holne Ram Roast’ is/was no longer any of the above. In fact in later years this event …

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Holne and Back


Take a winter’s day back in 1877 and a good round ramble from Holne and here you have a very evocative narrative of that trek.“A four miles’ drive from Buckfastleigh takes us to that most comfortable of hostelries ‘The Church House’ at Holne. Our coming had been duly notified and …

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Big Whit Hill Cross


Today there are still ‘treasures’ to be discovered or rediscovered on Dartmoor. However, before people go grabbing metal detectors etc. I don’t mean gold and valuables. I am referring to pieces of Dartmoor’s history, archaeology and heritage that have suddenly come to light. I would suggest that some of these …

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Frozen Tavistock


As the song goes – ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas‘ and these days it’s a rare event. But back in the good old days when snow, frost and ice was the norm one of the favourite activities was ice skating. Many of the old Christmas cards showed such scenes …

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Haunted Vicarage


Probably the last place on earth where you would expect to see unearthly happenings occur is a vicarage. But then again anything is possible on mysterious Dartmoor.Back in the days when Queen Victoria sat on the throne and Britannia ruled the waves there was an aged vicar who dwelt in …

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Tavistock and Back


Here’s another account of a walk taken some 159 years ago which gives a taste of Dartmoor during that time. No longer will you see inmates of Dartmoor prison guarded by warders with muskets and fixed bayonets. Likewise there is no chance of walking past Trowlesworthy or Ditsworthy  warrens and …

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Dartmoor Posties


The Old Postman. Here he sits who day by day Tramped his quiet life away; Knew a world but ten miles wide, Cared not what befel outside. Now, his tramping at an end, Has he need of book or friend. Peace and comfort he can find In the laneways of …

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