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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Dartmoor Rippers & Oak Bark

For centuries British leather tanners used oak bark to tan skins and hides in order to make them waterproof and durable. This was a process whereby the bark is stripped from trees during the spring and summer seasons. Then it’s dried out for a couple of years and ground down …

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Sloe Gin

  SLOE GIN – For several hundred years gin has been a popular drink but in its early days there was a great divergence in its price and quality. And so either as a personal preference or to improve its taste people began experimenting with its flavour. One day somebody …

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Dartmoor Bog Trotters

Following the cessation of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 many ex-servicemen found themselves homeless, out of work and penniless with no option but to tramp the country looking for employment, sleeping rough and begging. So great were the number of tramps and beggars that in 1824 the Vagrancy Act was …

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Oxenham Love Feud

“It was one of those cold evenings which so often occur in the vicinity of the Forest of Dartmoor in the month of November, that I alighted at the porch of a small public house, in the obscure village of Gidleigh. I had left my track for Moretonhampstead to view …

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Welfare in Widecombe

Author – Roger Claxton Publisher – Widecombe History Group ISBN (print) – 978-1-9162849-0-6 ISBN (ebook) – 978-1-9162849-1-3 Price – £17.00 plus p&p Available from – The Widecombe History Group At the time of writing this the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic during which people are becoming …

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Myrrh and Borax

Although this report, written by an officer attending the military camp on Whitchurch Down in 1909, is rather rambling and very much tongue in cheek it does give some good insights into camp life. There are several references to ‘myrrh and borax’ which at the time was an ingredient for …

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Knowing Dartmoor

As with many of these 19th century topographical writings there are some fascinating insights into Dartmoor of yesteryear and this one is no exception. Clearly penned by a true ‘Moorman’ who spent over half a century amidst stream and tor. He also gives a poignant political viewpoint of Dartmoor in …

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The Long Drop

Call it a crime of passion or one of pure jealousy the Peter Tavy Murders certainly was one that has lodged itself in the annals of Dartmoor crimes. Today such a crime would warrant a long prison sentence but back them justice was harshly dispensed. What follows is a very …

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Fairweather’s Dartmoor

“A few minutes before three o’clock on Thursday afternoon we presented ourselves at M.r Fairweather’s Commercial Hotel, preparatory to a Char-a-banc trip over the moor. This was the opening day for the summer season. The “Newtonian” and four fine steeds as even a country squire could wish for, all in …

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