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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Great Links Tor


“They sat in a nook of Great Links Tor, looked at the world outspread beneath them, and listened to the hiss of the wind, as it flogged heath and stone and chattering rushes. A million tiny clouds dappled the sky with pure pearl, and far beneath this apparently motionless cloth …

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Combes of Dartmoor


“Low, the power of sunlight, After hours of gloom, Decking with all beauty, Peter Tavy Combe. – Every rock and boulder, Clad in mosses grey, Gleams with gentle radiance, In the sun today. – There the waters hurry, Sparkling in the sun. Singing, breaking, tumbling, As they onwards run.”, D. …

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Easter Light


“Walkhampton Church – Earlier this century , during restoration work to the porch, a stove and flue was found. This stove was most likely used for kindling the Easter Light on Holy Saturday. Sadly it has now been blocked up again.” Hamilton-Leggett, p.2. One source suggests that church porch fireplaces were …

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South Hessary Tor

Hessary Tor1

“The day was slowly shadowed, and the distance, rolling in sober undulations to the south, already indicated the coming change. Seaward the horizon had faded from blue to a welter of grey, and above Plymouth slant curtains of rain were falling. But the sun shone on Hessary; the clouds broke into silver beneath it and …

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Fox Tor

Fox Tor 1

“Ascending the northern slope, we look around. Not a cheerful view certainly. A little moorland farm, whence a dog issues barking furiously at the presence of a strange human form, is the only human habitation in sight. On the side of the hill commanding the valley beneath, rise the low …

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Three Straws


There are two old adages that are suited to this tale; “You never know what goes on behind closed doors,” and “Be very careful what you wish for.” So let’s go back some 170 years or so to a remote Dartmoor settlement high on the northern plateau. At that time …

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Hunting the Stag


“A stag and a hare hunt are the rude means employed by a village community for maintaining either its standards of morals or expressing its disapprobation of petticoat rule… The Stag Hunt takes place on the wedding-night of a man who has married a girl of light character or when …

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Whooping Cough Cures of Old

Whooping Rock

Whooping Cough or purtussis, something today that can brings fear and trepidation into peoples hearts as it is an easily transmitted infectious disease. When outbreaks occur the condition can quickly spread amongst the local population and tends to a rise in cycles. In 2012 there were 9,711 cases reported in …

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Postbridge Charmers


I was reading an article published by the famous Dartmoor folklorist Theo Brown some 47 years ago which I think typifies the beliefs and resources available to moor folk in days long gone by. It concerns medical treatment for both humans and animals administered by so-called ‘White’ or ‘Hedge Witches’ …

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Ilsington Ghosts.


Ilsington village whose origins probably date back to Anglo Saxon times and so it would be fair to say it and the local area has known human occupation for many, many centuries. Prior to the Norman Conquest the settlement was owned by a man named Merleswein. Just outside the village …

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