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The Dartmoor Arts

Welfare in Widecombe

Author – Roger Claxton Publisher – Widecombe History Group ISBN (print) – 978-1-9162849-0-6 ISBN (ebook) – 978-1-9162849-1-3 Price – £17.00 plus p&p Available from – The Widecombe History Group At the time of writing this the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic during which people are becoming …

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Clam Bridges of Dartmoor Book

“Simple bridges made of timber, known as clam bridges, were once a common sight around Dartmoor. traditionally built from tree trunks laid across a stream or river with a hand rail on one side these bridges utilised the most common material in the river valleys that surround the moor. Bringing …

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Galveston on Dartmoor


During one of his banishments from the royal court, Piers Gaveston is said to have hidden himself on Dartmoor until which time it was safe to return. Local legend has it that during his time on Dartmoor he ventured out to Crazywell Pool. His purpose for visiting the pool was …

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Heat of the Hunt

“Heat of the Hunt’ is populated by characters which go beyond good and evil or heroes and villains, but instead explores the many facets of what it means to find and test humanity. Each character is on their own journey, inspiring the reader to question their own definitions of right …

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Every now and again a new book about Dartmoor is published which can be described as having that WOW factor and sits in the ‘can’t put it down’ category. ‘Moor Medieval‘ is one that certainly deserves that accolade. Published by the Moor Than Meets the Eye Landscape Partnership in conjunction …

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Big Screen Dartmoor

Over the past hundred years or so numerous Dartmoor locations and landscapes have been used in Big Screen movies. and television productions. Probably the most famous being War Horse which used Ditsworthy Warren as a setting. You can nearly trace the evolution of cinematography and production techniques with films that …

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The Pony Fair

Having recently written a couple of pages on various Dartmoor pony fairs I then came across the following poem. Basically it describes the gathering of the ponies from the moor and imagines what emotions the creatures must have felt having been torn away from their pastures and the fate which …

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The Romance of Dartmoor

Over the years there have been numerous guide books written about Dartmoor and if asked to name a few the answers would probably be ‘Crossing’s Guide to Dartmoor’ Hemery’s ‘High Dartmoor’, Jeremy Butler’s ‘Dartmoor Atlases of Antiquities’, Worth’s ‘Dartmoor’, Rowe’s ‘Perambulation of Dartmoor’ and Mike Brown’s ‘Field guides’ to name …

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Gidleigh Book

Whenever doing any research on Gidleigh and its surrounding area I always used to consult the ‘Gidleigh – A Dartmoor Village Past and Present’ book. This was jointly written by Tony Grumley-Grennan and Michael Hardy and published in 2000. Then sometime ago I went to find my copy and to …

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In the Footsteps of the Victorians


In The Footsteps Of The Victorians. Aspects of change in the Wrey Valley and surrounding area 1837 – 1901. The Lustleigh Society and Individual Authors – 2018. ISBN 978-0-9957122-1-8 Paperback – 211 pages Short Run Press Ltd, Exeter. Price – £10.00 (plus p. & p.) “In 1837, at the start …

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