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Historic Dartmoor

Dartmoor Misdemeanours

  Back in the days when Britain was ‘Great’ and before the act of Human Rights life was a lot more ordered and what made this possible were the harsh sentences for the numerous petty crimes. The other major difference was that the police in those days were not governed …

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Meldon Quarry


  Today the old Meldon Quarry plays host to many visitors, some come to walk or cycle, others to swim, a few come for some extreme sports such a bungee jumping whilst others visit the remains of the redundant railway. For whatever reason what they see today is normally a …

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Redlake Tramway

Redlake 13

Today the old Redlake Railway track provides an eight mile picturesque walk up into the southern wilderness of Dartmoor. With wide ranging views and peace and quite virtually guaranteed it makes for a splendid day out. As the old track winds its way up to the moor there are the …

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Langstone Moor Xploration

Langstone 1

  This little Xcursion was due to a Westcountry phenomenon called ‘drectly’, which means if something has to be done and it’s done drectly then it’s put off to the very, very last moment at the earliest. At university it’s assignment time and one of them is to give two …

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Terril Posts


  Sitting on top of Ter Hill are two granite crosses (known locally as the ‘Terhill Posts‘) which at onetime marked the old monastic track which ran between the abbeys of Tavistock to Buckfast. They are part of a line of 12 other such crosses which acted as guideposts for …

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Dartmoor’s Maltern Way

  Of all of the tracks on Dartmoor the oldest is probably the one that runs from near Holne moorgate in the west to Cockle’s Gate in the east. Today the distance is about 7 miles but it may originally have been a mile or two longer. What marks this …

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Palstone Cross – Rescued by the Monks


  On the 1st of March 1950 the Western Morning News carried the following headline – “Ancient Devon cross found broken and buried beside farm gate.” and this was referring to the discovery of an important relic of Dartmoor’s history. As with many of the old stone crosses which once …

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Hele Wayside Cross


Down a small and narrow lane which leads off  Beetor Cross is the small farm called Hele and it is this that lends its name to an ancient wayside cross and also a crossroads some 600 metres to the north. The place-name ‘Hele’ is a common one in Devon and …

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Liapa Wayside Cross


If you look at the two maps below you can see on the earlier version a farm called Liapa or sometimes locally it was referred to as Leeper. You can also see that on the modern version the farm is now called Moor Gate. When and why the name was …

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Great Week Mine


The story of Great Week Consols Tin Mine is one of intrigue and may well be a case of “All that glitters is not gold.” According to the Cultural Heritage Desk Based Assessment of Chagford the first mine may well date back to medieval times? In relation to medieval tinning …

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