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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Dartmoor Halloween 2017


  I recently paid a trip to our local ASDA store and was amazed at the extensive range of expensively priced ghoulish paraphernalia laid out temptingly for the youngsters. Thanks to the Americans Halloween has now become an excuse for the shopkeepers to make money and the children to turn …

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Dartmoor’s Gulwell Cross


  Just by the junction of West Street and the old Totnes road in the ancient stannary town of Ashburton stands a rather erect stone cross. Known as either Gulwell or St. Gudula’s Cross it’s clear that it has undergone some restoration in fairly recent years. Both names refer to …

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Dartmoor’s Dunstone Cross


  Dunstone Cross – I don’t know why but this little granite cross perched serenely on its high granite pedestals is one of my favourite of the Dartmoor crosses. So much so that the cross appears on both the front and back cover of my book – ‘A Pilgrimage to …

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Dartmoor’s Piggin’ Acorns

“Under the arms of a goodly oak tree, There was of swine a large company: They were making a rude repast, Grunting as they crunched the mast, Then they trotted away: for the wind blew high – One acorn they left, no more mote you spy.” There are a couple …

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Dartmoor Harvest Home.


  At one time the annual ‘Harvest Home’ was very much a celebration between local farmers, their workers and neighbours but today, where the tradition is carried on, it has expanded to a community affair in the village or town and anyone who wants to can attend. Below is a …

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Dartmoor Coltsfoot


  “It grows in pleasant moist places and near rivers which make a noise.” – William Salmon, 1693. Tussilago farfara – what a wonderful name for a flower which is more commonly known as the Coltsfoot or locally as Bulls Foot, Coughwort, Sun Before Father or Boy’s Bacca. Coltsfoot can …

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Dartmoor’s Blackator Copse


“Black Tor Copse (Blackator Copse) spreads straggling under the granite masses above. It is a stony grove set in a wilderness, flanked by the steep of a mountain on one side, fringed by the silver of Oke (West Okement) upon the other. The song of this river met the lisp …

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Dartmoor Britain’s Ancient Tracks


  On the 23rd of September (2017) Channel 4 screened the first episode in a new series of ‘Britain’s Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson. It was filmed and produced by the Irish Doubleband Films Company and featured the Abbot’s Way and the Lych Way as it’s ancient tracks on Dartmoor. …

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Dartmoor’s Teasels


  Dipsacus fullonum – alias Teasel, Teazle. Teasle, whatever you want to call it the teasel is amongst the more easily identifiable plants that occur on Dartmoor. It had for centuries also played an important part in Dartmoor’s cloth making industry. On Dartmoor teasels can be found in moist grassland …

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Dartmoor’s Traveller’s Joy


  “The cuckoo shouts all day at nothing in leafy dells alone, – And traveller’s Joy beguiles in autumns hearts that have lost their own.” – A. E. Houseman. Clematis vitalba – As its name suggests this plant is a member of the clematis family and can be seen virtually …

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