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Manaton Cross Verse

  The ancient cross which stands in Manaton Churchyard has an interesting history, it was once the tradition to carry a coffin around the cross three times before entering the church. In the 1650s the then incumbent parson regarded this as a pagan tradition and tried to persuade his congregation …

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Hanger Farm Cross


Whilst trawling through some old publications in the hope of coming across some mention of a topic I’m researching I came across a brief and totally unrelated piece which has now sidetracked me. It was written in 1902 and referred to an ancient cross that somebody had discovered which, like …

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Ridding Down Cross

“About half a mile beyond Piall Bridge, we shall cross Quick’s bridge, and commence the ascent of the hill towards Tolch Moor Gate, the road being on the verge of a common. About midway we shall notice on our right hand a white gate, opening upon a private lane that …

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Beetor Cross


  “The first part of the way was over East Down, and the road was familiar with us as far as Beetor’s Cross or  Bector’s Cross. Rowe and some guide-books call it by the latter name; the ‘natives’ and other guide-book by the former. We would rather incline to the …

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Big Whit Hill Cross


Today there are still ‘treasures’ to be discovered or rediscovered on Dartmoor. However, before people go grabbing metal detectors etc. I don’t mean gold and valuables. I am referring to pieces of Dartmoor’s history, archaeology and heritage that have suddenly come to light. I would suggest that some of these …

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Nun’s Cross

Nun's Cross

I would think that Nun’s Cross, or to give its correct name, Siward’s Cross must be about the best known of Dartmoor’s granite crosses. It can be classified as a ‘wayside cross’ as it marks the old monastic Maltern Way amongst other things. It is certainly the largest of the …

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