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Tales Of Dartmoor

River Dart Claim’st a Heart


  “Dart, Dart, cruel Dart, every year thou claim’st a heart.” The above famous saying dates way back into the realms of Dartmoor’s folklore and refers to the fact that over the centuries the River Dart has claimed many lives. There can be no question that at times the river can …

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Tragedy at Mary Tavy


  Mary Tavy is a small and tranquil moorland village nestled snugly in a small valley above the River Tavy but sadly in the August of 1905 things were far from peaceful. The events over that August Bank Holiday are probably one of the most tragic and pitiful in the …

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Wise Waggoner, The


  It was a dark winter’s night when all on the moor was coated by a thick frost which sparkled in the still moonlight, the small inn was unusually quite with just a few local packmen and waggoners sat around the smoky peat fire. It was on such nights when …

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Donaghy Mystery, The


Dartmoor harbours numerous mysterious events that have occurred down through the centuries and pretty near the top of the list is the tragic mystery of William Donaghy. His story is befitting of any mystery story with more twists than a corkscrew along with some weird coincidences and a big question …

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Throwleigh Serpent, The


Over time there have been numerous stories of ‘exotic’ animals roaming Dartmoor, the latest being the adventures of Flavui the lynx who escaped from the Dartmoor zoo. Previous to that were the many sightings of pumas roaming the moorland wastes, possibly leading to the Beast of Dartmoor sightings.. In 2009 …

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Pixie Verse, The


I have received several emails requesting the entire poem from which on the Dartmoor Piskies page I have taken the quote; ‘Thar be piskies up to Dartmoor’ and after much searching I have found the following. I am unsure as to whether this is the full version or as to who actually …

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Dartmoor Piskies


” Thar be piskies up to Dartmoor And ‘tidn’t no good you say there baint I’ve felt um grauping at my heart I’ve heard their voices calling faint“. For the rest of the verse see – HERE. Why is a grown man writing about fictitious piskies you may well ask? …

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Turve Boy’s Tragedy, The


  Today if the house gets cold we simply turn on the gas or electric fire or light the logs in the hearth, probably without a thought. But go back a couple of hundred years or so and the heating in a Dartmoor home more than likely came from turves. …

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Battle of the Piskies


The Piskies are a happy band, And live right merrily, And only in a pleasant land Are they content to be. For centuries is has been  a known fact that Piskies live on Dartmoor and are famous for their good deeds they perform for true believers. OK, at times they can …

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Three Straws


There are two old adages that are suited to this tale; “You never know what goes on behind closed doors,” and “Be very careful what you wish for.” So let’s go back some 170 years or so to a remote Dartmoor settlement high on the northern plateau. At that time …

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