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Tales Of Dartmoor

Ivor Thompson Tragedy

Back in 1927, Ivor Gordon Thompson, aged seven years was living with his family at Redlake Cottage near Ivbridge, at the time he was described as a delicate child due to having suffered from an attack of pneumonia when he was fifteen months old. He was the son of Samuel …

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Belligerent Bullock

It has been claimed that last year at least 158 animals were killed on the roads of Dartmoor by vehicles. There are signs along most roadsides of the central moorland routes advising people to take ‘Moor Care’. An enforceable speed limit of 40 mph has been put in place in …

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Headlamp Howler

In the October of 1939 Dartmoor Prison once again proved to be the inescapable establishment it was designed to be. In the following incident it was also the wartime restrictions that proved to be the final downfall of three escaped convicts.The three ‘stars’ of this show had all previously served …

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Brief Bid

On the 3rd of December 1939 two men escaped from Dartmoor Prison in what at the time was described as; “one of the most amazing dashes for liberty in the history of Dartmoor Prison.” It was also said that their means of escape; “made history.” There were numerous newspaper reports …

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Black Tor Rings

“North of the road are the pounds and hut circles known as ‘Black Tor Rings’, and here, amid the autumn blaze of golden bracken and gorse and the colourful foliage of the riverside trees, is a place to stand and regard the beauty of Shipley Gorge.” Hemery, High Dartmoor, p.319.Adding …

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Is Dartmoor Worth Crossing

“On reaching the main road that leads from Ashburton to Tavistock, we turned in the direction of Two Bridges. The rain still continued to pour down in torrents, and we were not sorry to seek the shelter of the inn there – The Saracen’s Head, but as the rain showed …

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Haunted Vicarage


Probably the last place on earth where you would expect to see unearthly happenings occur is a vicarage. But then again anything is possible on mysterious Dartmoor.Back in the days when Queen Victoria sat on the throne and Britannia ruled the waves there was an aged vicar who dwelt in …

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Dartmoor’s Voxtar Moirr


Here is another step back in time, or rather numerous steps back in time and are the reminisces of a couple of adventurers who strode forth on a trek from Princetown to Ivybridge way back in 1874. I make no excuses for the author’s exact wording of their wanderings as …

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Moortown Maniac


“Love and Vengeance – One of the most resolute of bloodthirsty scoundrels has enacted a deed that scarcely finds an equal – not even in the Newgate Calendar. Three miles from Tavistock there is a place called Moortown, and thence through a lane the traveller reaches Dartmoor. At the very end …

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