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Nefarious Navvies

Night of the Nefarious Navvies – It was the Boxing Day of 1882, Princetown was cloaked in mist along with one of those miserable rains that soaks everyone to the skin. Just as it is to day, what do you do on such a dank and miserable day? – take …

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Grey Wethers Five

The Grey Wethers – version one About a hundred and fifty years ago the small moorland farm below Sittaford was renown for its sheep, the holding had been in the family for generations and now the latest of the line was carrying on its traditions. They had a very pretty …

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Huccaby Horseplay.

Huccaby Races first took place in the late 1800s and soon became an important fixture in the Dartmoor calendar. Such was the renown of the races that in the June of 1909 Prince George and Princess Mary (the future King George V and Queen Mary) who were on a four …

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Hapless Housemaid

History is full of sad and tragic stories of service girls who fell victim to feckless lovers and the pages of Dartmoor’s past are no exception. For instance take Kitty Jay whose forlorn grave is testament to such events. But one does not have to turn the pages back too …

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Tale of the Rungglestone

In 1921 Eden Phillpotts published a book of Dartmoor short stories called ‘Told at the Plume’ by which he referred to the Plume of Feathers inn at Princetown. One of the stories in the book was simply titled – Rugglestone. The events in this tale revolve around the famous logan …

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Done One Again


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again,” this could well be a motto of one John Michael Gasken, a prisoner serving time at Dartmoor Prison. In the February of 1931, he along with another prisoner, John Mullens effected an escape from the prison. Both remained at …

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Dunsford Ghost


There was an old tradition in the Dunsford area that when a dwelling was left unoccupied a ghost would come down the chimney and take up residence in the house. On Friday Aug 7th, 1874 the following case was heard at Crockernwell Assizes and as the evidence was revealed it …

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The Gypsy Murder

Noah and Priscilla Small had been married for 26 years over which time they had ten children and sadly at the time only eight were still alive. They were a gypsy family who made their living by hawking brooms and brushes around the various town markets. In the January of …

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The Dwarf’s Forest

Now legend would have it said that the mysterious ancient oak grove of Wistman’s Wood is infested with numerous supernatural beings such as the Wisht Hounds, Druids and ghosts along with the infamous Dartmoor Piskies. I think it would be fair to say that in these modern times many people …

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Fool and their money

There was once an old soldier who had fought a bitter campaign in the Napoleonic wars. When in 1815 that bitter conflict came to an end he like many of his brave comrades he returned home to find that there was no home, no job and no prospects. His only …

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