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Dartmoor Explorations

An Adventure on Dartmoor

Someone once told me that “on Dartmoor you can never measure distance by time,” in many cases a most prophetic statement. There can be so many variants such as both recent and current weather conditions, unfamiliar terrain and other such embuggerances. Therefore if you are incognisant with the Moor never …

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Knowing Dartmoor

As with many of these 19th century topographical writings there are some fascinating insights into Dartmoor of yesteryear and this one is no exception. Clearly penned by a true ‘Moorman’ who spent over half a century amidst stream and tor. He also gives a poignant political viewpoint of Dartmoor in …

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Fairweather’s Dartmoor

“A few minutes before three o’clock on Thursday afternoon we presented ourselves at M.r Fairweather’s Commercial Hotel, preparatory to a Char-a-banc trip over the moor. This was the opening day for the summer season. The “Newtonian” and four fine steeds as even a country squire could wish for, all in …

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By Coach and Rail

Since the popularity of Dartmoor excursions began in the mid 1800s it was not always possible to get to the starting points from which the ‘tour operators’ ran. Even with the advent of the early Dartmoor railroads it still made experiencing the Moor difficult. So in the late 1888s both …

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Three Men in a Gorge

Here follows a delightful account of three men who visited Lydford Gorge in 1895 and who were being guided by a ‘local’ with an intimate knowledge of the terrain. Today it is easy to navigate yourself around Lydford Gorge and all that it has to offer but that has not …

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Grey Wethers 1942


Visiting Dartmoor’s noted landmarks for the first time is always an exciting experience and something that lodges pleasant thoughts in the library of the mind. I can remember such thing when I first went up to the Grey Wethers stone circles. I have stumbled across this similar visit paid to …

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Heart of the Moor 1903


  Today it’s easy to drive around the roads of Dartmoor apart from the fact that at the slowest speed of 40 miles per hour, usually with other vehicles following behind, it’s impossible to absorb the many interesting facets that the Moor has to offer. Imagine then being able to …

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Holiday Rambles 1877


I came across these reminisces of a family holidaying on Dartmoor in the 1870s. The family consisted of the husband Ronald, his wife Cecilia, their son Billy and the horse Phoebe Junior. As you read it there are various remarks about their experiences that makes you that that maybe things …

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Wistmans 1896

Imagine you are at Bridestowe and wanted to get to Wistman’s Wood how would you get there? Possibly ask some local advice or if you had a car consult one of the online route planners. These would provide you with a route that was 17.07 miles long and take about …

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Dartmoor by Donkey

Ever since early visitors began exploring Dartmoor they have done so in a variety of ways. Some on foot, others by charabanc tours, a few with a private Dartmoor guide such as James Perrott whilst occasionally there were those who hired a donkey cart. Now follows and account of four …

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