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Dartmoor Explorations

Dartmoor Reminiscing


Here’s another nostalgic trip across Dartmoor from 141 years ago written by an anonymous author who clearly had a love and deep knowledge of Dartmoor. In some ways he lamented the passing of the ‘old ways’ whilst casting an eye to the future prospects of the Moor. From this account …

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The Buckland Drives


Since the mid 1800s people flocked to Dartmoor in order to partake of the rugged romantic scenery and bracing air. Regular horse-drawn (in later years these became motorised) charabanc parties were taken to the various beauty spots and many businesses held their works outings (know as Wayzgooses) on the moor. …

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Rain or Shine


Two things you can depend on is firstly the unpredictability of Dartmoor’s weather and secondly when it rains it really can rain. Bearing this in mind there can be nothing more disappointing than planning a day on the Moor only to find out that when you get there you are …

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Dartmoor Xmas 2017


Normally at this time of year a we along with a group of friends and neighbours book a suitable local venue for a pre-Christmas dinner but this year for one reason or another this was not on the menu. But hey, can’t let the festive season pass without some kind …

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Dartmoor Circular 1887


  “From Okehampton to Belstone, over Cawsand, White Hill, Will Tor, Taw Head to Cranmere, from thence to Fur Tor, continuing down the Tavy, past Watern Hill to Tavy Cleave, then returning via Hammacombe or Ammacombe Hill, Sandy Ford, High Wilhags, Yes Tor, Black Down, and Okehampton Park. This is …

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Midwinter Dartmoor 1886


  It’s a midwinter’s day in 1886 and a party of people left Plymouth’s Millbay Station for a day trip to explore the wilds of Dartmoor. What they saw on that journey in many respects would be a lot different to what can be witnessed today. For starters it would …

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To The Spinsters


  Over the last few centuries Dartmoor has many eminent topographical writers who have passed down their knowledge and experience to us today. However, there are some authors who never managed to get their work and experiences published for the wider audiences. What they did manage to do is get …

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Dartmoor’s July Jaunt


  Higher Blackabroom – 01.07.2017 OK, here’s a dilemma, three young girls aged between 11 and 14, (one of the girls has never been anywhere near Dartmoor), my wife and myself want to go for a walk on Dartmoor. The girls want to go somewhere that they can see lots …

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Peregrinating Bellever


  “O Bellever tor is a dainty tor:- ‘Tis neither high or low: – But all the world loves Bellever, for: -‘Tis the place the piskies know. You see the sun on Bellever when – The rest of the moor is clad – In a rain cloak spun by the …

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Sousson’s Stroll


Plans are afoot to alter the landscape of Soussons Plantation so the idea was to have a stroll around the plantation before that happens. Another objective was to get some photographs of the three prehistoric barrows which nestle in a small clearing within the plantation, which I had never seen …

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