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Dartmoor Explorations

Heart of the Moor 1903


  Today it’s easy to drive around the roads of Dartmoor apart from the fact that at the slowest speed of 40 miles per hour, usually with other vehicles following behind, it’s impossible to absorb the many interesting facets that the Moor has to offer. Imagine then being able to …

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Holiday Rambles 1877


I came across these reminisces of a family holidaying on Dartmoor in the 1870s. The family consisted of the husband Ronald, his wife Cecilia, their son Billy and the horse Phoebe Junior. As you read it there are various remarks about their experiences that makes you that that maybe things …

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Wistmans 1896

Imagine you are at Bridestowe and wanted to get to Wistman’s Wood how would you get there? Possibly ask some local advice or if you had a car consult one of the online route planners. These would provide you with a route that was 17.07 miles long and take about …

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Dartmoor by Donkey

Ever since early visitors began exploring Dartmoor they have done so in a variety of ways. Some on foot, others by charabanc tours, a few with a private Dartmoor guide such as James Perrott whilst occasionally there were those who hired a donkey cart. Now follows and account of four …

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Words of Wisdom


Here is an account come guide book come survival guide for Dartmoor which was written in 1873. As can be seen somethings never change whilst others give just a glimpse of days long gone by and never to be seen again. Some will say it’s a good thing whilst others …

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Lungs of Devon


Having recently spent the night at the Two Bridges Hotel it was fascinating to come across this story of another guest who stayed there 122 years ago and the reason for his vacation. Back in those days there was a consensus of opinion that many ailments could be cured by …

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Widecombe Wanderings

“Upon one side of the space wherein they stood rose a lichgate, and springing from it extended an ancient Church House—partly used as dwellings for the needy and partly as a school. Before it ran a heavy porch on granite pillars above cobblestone pavement ; beside it lay Widecombe’s treasure, …

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Holne and Back


Take a winter’s day back in 1877 and a good round ramble from Holne and here you have a very evocative narrative of that trek.“A four miles’ drive from Buckfastleigh takes us to that most comfortable of hostelries ‘The Church House’ at Holne. Our coming had been duly notified and …

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Tavistock and Back


Here’s another account of a walk taken some 159 years ago which gives a taste of Dartmoor during that time. No longer will you see inmates of Dartmoor prison guarded by warders with muskets and fixed bayonets. Likewise there is no chance of walking past Trowlesworthy or Ditsworthy  warrens and …

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Dartmoor Reminiscing


Here’s another nostalgic trip across Dartmoor from 141 years ago written by an anonymous author who clearly had a love and deep knowledge of Dartmoor. In some ways he lamented the passing of the ‘old ways’ whilst casting an eye to the future prospects of the Moor. From this account …

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