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Aspects Of Dartmoor

Sunday in Dartmoor


Just imagine, it’s the late 1800s and a month ago you had just been ordained as a Catholic priest. You are enjoying your breakfast when out of the blue you get a request from your Bishop to go to the infamous Dartmoor Prison to conduct the Sunday service. The only …

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Enigmatic Epitaph

There is one location on Dartmoor that would superbly fit into one of Dan Brown’s books. Imagine Robert Langdon being directed to Dartmoor on a mission to save the world. His initial clue reads something like this; “Find where three rabbits only have three ears between them. Then on your …

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Potato Caves & Clamps

There are numerous caves and caches on Dartmoor but probably the most iconic are the potato caves. The majority of these can be found in the southern moorland parishes of Sheepstor and Walkhampton. But what was their purpose? Quite simply they were used to store root crops where they would …

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Dartmoor Posties


The Old Postman. Here he sits who day by day Tramped his quiet life away; Knew a world but ten miles wide, Cared not what befel outside. Now, his tramping at an end, Has he need of book or friend. Peace and comfort he can find In the laneways of …

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Dartmoor Fern Harvest


“He voiced his opinion on a day when he and Lawrence were working together on the great fern slopes under the Beacon. There, some weeks before, the bracken had been mown down with scythes, and now the harvest was dry and ready to be stacked for winter litter. They made …

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Dartmoor Britain’s Ancient Tracks


  On the 23rd of September (2017) Channel 4 screened the first episode in a new series of ‘Britain’s Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson. It was filmed and produced by the Irish Doubleband Films Company and featured the Abbot’s Way and the Lych Way as it’s ancient tracks on Dartmoor. …

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Sundials on Dartmoor


‘Learn a lesson from this dial, Dwell not on the past; Greet the present with a smile, For future cannot last.’ Many will argue that the first use of a sundial began way back in prehistoric time in the form of the stone rows, circles and menhirs which acted as …

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Dartmoor’s Great Blizzard 1927.


  Christmas 1927, will be noted for the ‘Great Blizzard’ which swept the country from end to end. Christmas Day opened damp and gloomy, but during the late afternoon there was a sudden change in the weather, and towards night the wind rose and the rain quickly changed to blinding snow. …

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Dartmoor Clitters.


  “Down the slopes are scattered in wild confusion huge blocks of splintered granite, locally known as ‘clatters’ or ‘clitters.’ Some of these blocks must weigh scores of tons, and the eye is bewildered by their picturesque disorder and varied forms. Frequently the loveliest ferns fill the interstices, and lichens, …

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Dartmoor’s Bankers

  If you have ever watched Tony Robinson’s programme about the worst jobs in history you will have seen some very horrendous careers. However, there was one that didn’t appear in the series and that was the job of a Dartmoor sett maker. I would imagine that in these days …

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