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Beatrice at the Pool

Beatrice Chase was a well known if not eccentric Dartmoor authoress who liked to be known as “My Lady of the Moor”. Over the years she made numerous trips to the elusive Cranmere Pool and in 1929 she enlisted the aid of the famous Dartmoor guiding family – the Perrots. …

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Cranmere 1883

There have been and are many ways of getting to Cranmere Pool but to my knowledge not many go by pony and certainly not the route Mr. Firth took in 1883 with the help of a local guide. As always I make no apologies for quoting the author’s exact words …

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Cranmere Pool


Cranmere Pool – “A hundred years ago, this spot, so familiar to every Dartmoor wanderer today, was shunned as a place of evil omen, and not a moorman would willingly have braved the supernatural perils of the place alone.” – Eden Phillpotts, The Master of Merripit Farm. Cranmere Pool or …

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