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Aspects Of Dartmoor

The Widecombe Aeroplane


These days nobody pays any particular attention to aircraft flying over Dartmoor, perhaps if it’s a military helicopter or RAF fighter plane they might draw a bit more attention but on the whole such an event is an everyday occurrence. But just imagine if you had never seen an aeroplane …

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Charabancing on Dartmoor


“The whip is held in superb style, The reigns are well in hand, The horses full of pluck and breed, The coach is some what grand. The driver studies one and all, And does without tobacco, Or he can smoke a nice cigar, But asks permission first tho’.” The above …

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Pony Drift of 1923


If you happen across a Dartmoor pony drift today you will see that in the main it’s an operation that consists of a combination of horsepower and mechanised vehicles such as quad bikes and trail bikes. However in days gone by there were a couple of vast differences, firstly the …

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Moor Beer


  Moor Beer – now there’s a sentiment that many folk will appreciate especially when the beer and ales are actually brewed on Dartmoor. Having sampled many of them in-situ so to speak I can verify that the art of brewing is still alive and kicking on the moor. For …

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Early Ploughs and Ploughmen of Dartmoor


“Is my team ploughing, That I was used to drive And hear the harness jingle When I was man alive?” Ay, the horses trample, The harness jingles now; No change though you lie under The land you used to plough.” A. E. Housman Even today I think there is something …

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Rustlers on the Moor


Mention the word rustlers and thrilling images of masked cowboys running off herds of cattle with a posse of armed men chasing after them. Today, sadly that is not the case, probably imagine a group of men, sneaking around in the dead of night on a well planned mission to …

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Conscientious Objectors


  Having just written a page on Dartmoor field names one struck a chord and that was ‘Conchie’s Field‘, additionally quite recently somebody posted a picture of ‘Conchie’s Road‘ and asked why it was so called. So as it’s part of Dartmoor’s heritage I thought it may be worthwhile to …

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Field Names of Dartmoor


  One thing that Devon and therefore Dartmoor are not short of are fields; big ones, little ones, recent ones, prehistoric ones, steep ones, and flat ones, they  surround Dartmoor on all sides. Some are enclosed by hedges whilst others stone, all with the same purpose to delineate boundaries, keep …

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When on holiday most people like to send postcards of places they have visited to their family and friends, either to show where there are or what they have seen, maybe rather cynically even to brag about where they are. Perhaps in this day and age of instant media such …

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Combes of Dartmoor


“Low, the power of sunlight, After hours of gloom, Decking with all beauty, Peter Tavy Combe. – Every rock and boulder, Clad in mosses grey, Gleams with gentle radiance, In the sun today. – There the waters hurry, Sparkling in the sun. Singing, breaking, tumbling, As they onwards run.”, D. …

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