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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Joseph Denny


  Over the centuries there have been numerous attempts, a few successful many not, to break out of Dartmoor Prison. However seldom has anyone tried to break into Dartmoor Prison but back in 1890 one man made this his mission. The reason for this bizarre quest was one of revenge …

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Princep’s Folly


  Back in 1905 William Crossing first published his work – ‘Gems in a Granite Setting‘ and in this he notes that on Gidleigh tor a house was built and the ruins were still visible.  He also suggests that locally it was said that the house was never finished. However …

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Roborough Down Murder


Roborough Down – the placename was first documented in the index of the Charters and Rolls of 1114 when it appears as Rueberge. The name originated from two Anglo Saxon words – ruh (rough), beorg (hill) and dun (down) which translates as ‘Rough Hill Down’. There is evidence of man’s …

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Princetown’s Pocket Power Station


Providing services to remote areas such as Dartmoor has always been a challenge and none more so that ensuring the adequate supply of electricity, especially in the cold winter months. Back in the 1950s the local newspapers often had reports of power cuts, especially in the Princetown area. Such as …

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Dewerstone Dilemma


Here’s a question for you – have you ever been sat at your favourite spot on Dartmoor and wished that you owned it, (I know I have on many occasions)? Here’s another question; if you did own it what kind of public access would you allow? Would you follow in …

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Fuzzy Pigs of Dartmoor


  Erinaceus europaeus – more commonly known as the European Hedgehog. In Devon the hedgehog is often referred top a the ‘Hedgy Boar‘ and on Dartmoor as the ‘Fuzzy Pig‘. In both cases the porcine name refers to the way it feeds by using its snout to root around pig-like in …

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Beatrice Chase the Business Woman


In this day and age we are all well conversant with famous sports stars, film celebrities, pop stars, authors, artists etc. endorsing merchandise, appearing on Social Media and in various newspapers and TV. The bigger the star the more money they can earn and in some cases the figures can …

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The Widecombe Aeroplane


These days nobody pays any particular attention to aircraft flying over Dartmoor, perhaps if it’s a military helicopter or RAF fighter plane they might draw a bit more attention but on the whole such an event is an everyday occurrence. But just imagine if you had never seen an aeroplane …

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Soussons Plantation


There is an early placename of Soueston, in 1771 the Recovery Rolls documented the place as North Souson, in 1809 Mudge’s map of Devon shows it as South Stone Farm and today it’s known as Soussons. The English Place-Name Society suggests that the name could originally have meant “at the …

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Sousson’s Stroll


Plans are afoot to alter the landscape of Soussons Plantation so the idea was to have a stroll around the plantation before that happens. Another objective was to get some photographs of the three prehistoric barrows which nestle in a small clearing within the plantation, which I had never seen …

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