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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Throwleigh Sepulchre

Hidden in the various ancient churches of Dartmoor are numerous ‘treasures’ of very description. Many are easily overlooked and many reflect a story from the past. Albeit it a grave, an epitaph, some architectural feature or a simple sign they are worth seeking out. One rarer examples is the Easter …

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Brief Bid

On the 3rd of December 1939 two men escaped from Dartmoor Prison in what at the time was described as; “one of the most amazing dashes for liberty in the history of Dartmoor Prison.” It was also said that their means of escape; “made history.” There were numerous newspaper reports …

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Potato Caves & Clamps

There are numerous caves and caches on Dartmoor but probably the most iconic are the potato caves. The majority of these can be found in the southern moorland parishes of Sheepstor and Walkhampton. But what was their purpose? Quite simply they were used to store root crops where they would …

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Gidleigh Book

Whenever doing any research on Gidleigh and its surrounding area I always used to consult the ‘Gidleigh – A Dartmoor Village Past and Present’ book. This was jointly written by Tony Grumley-Grennan and Michael Hardy and published in 2000. Then sometime ago I went to find my copy and to …

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Black Tor Rings

“North of the road are the pounds and hut circles known as ‘Black Tor Rings’, and here, amid the autumn blaze of golden bracken and gorse and the colourful foliage of the riverside trees, is a place to stand and regard the beauty of Shipley Gorge.” Hemery, High Dartmoor, p.319.Adding …

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Okehampton Vicus

During 1976 and 1977 excavations took place on a Roman fort just to the NNE of Okehampton town, details of which can be found – Here. It has been estimated that it dates back to the 1st century AD. There have been numerous debates as to what the Romans were …

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Is Dartmoor Worth Crossing

“On reaching the main road that leads from Ashburton to Tavistock, we turned in the direction of Two Bridges. The rain still continued to pour down in torrents, and we were not sorry to seek the shelter of the inn there – The Saracen’s Head, but as the rain showed …

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Gisperdown Cross

As you trundle up the steep, narrow lane that comes from Harbourneford with its high banks you suddenly come across the cattle gridded entrance to Gisperdown Farm. To the right of the cattle grid is an extremely neat ivy-capped field wall. After a casual glimpse you realise that embedded in …

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Henhouse Capture

Let me take you back to Princetown on the morning of Tuesday the 4th of June 1907. It’s ten o’clock and Princetown is suddenly engulfed in a shroud of thick Dartmoor fog – nothing new there then. Through this opaque wall of mist can be heard the sound of horse’s …

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