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Peter Tavy Combe Verse

Peter Tavy Combe Verse

One of the secret gems of Dartmoor is Peter Tavy Combe which is often overlooked by the rambler:

A ramble up Peter Tavy Combe will be fraught with enjoyment. Fine tors crown the heights above it— Staple Tor, Roose Tor, White Tor, and beyond the valley of the Walkham, the giant Mis Tor, all highly interesting in themselves, and commanding magnificent views.’.

(A Book of Fair Devon, p.53).

Peter Tavy Combe Verse




Lo, the power of sunlight,

After hours of gloom,

Decking with all beauty

Peter Tavy Combe.


Every rock and boulder
Clad in mosses grey,
Gleams with gentle radiance
In the sun to-day.

There the waters hurry,
Sparkling in the sun.
Singing, breaking, tumbling,
As they onward run.

Onward where the orchards
Bloom in pink and white,
And the grass is golden
In the slanting light.

Where the banks re-echo
With their merry tune,
And the primrose lingers
‘Mid the flowers of June.

Trees too in the gloaming
At their best are seen,
All the shades of yellow,
Buff and tender green.

Then at pleasant distance,
Closing in the view,
Grey Brent Tor uprises
‘Gainst the evening blue.

Read no book this evening,
Though ’twere Wordsworth’s own
Wordsworth’s spirit bids us
Nature read alone ;

Bids us learn the lesson
Such sweet scenes impart,
Teaching love and gladness
To the pure in heart.


D. P. Alford – June 4th1887.

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