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Wicked Jan

The tale of how Jan Reynolds was taken from Widecombe church for playing cards during the service has already been told on another Legendary Dartmoor page. But who was Jan Reynolds and what led up to the fateful day when the Devil took him away? Well… “It is said that …

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Fool and their money

There was once an old soldier who had fought a bitter campaign in the Napoleonic wars. When in 1815 that bitter conflict came to an end he like many of his brave comrades he returned home to find that there was no home, no job and no prospects. His only …

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Fice’s Well

Just outside of Princetown there is what looks like a small circular enclosure, this is Fice’s Well. If legend is to be believed it has stood here for 437 years and the spring was the source of salvation for John Fitz. One day he and his wife were riding on …

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Ephraim’s Pinch

Ephraim's Pinch

Lost amidst a huge coniferous forest is a small insignificant hill that is now called ‘Ephraim’s Pinch’. Many people see this name marked on the Ordnance Survey map and wonder what it refers to. It actually relates to a sad story about a local man called ‘Ephraim’. He was a …

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Hairy Hands

Imagine the year is 1925 and it is a dark winters night, the sky is clear and the air is cold, a frost is starting to bite at the whitening verge side. You and your partner are driving along the B3212 between Postbridge and Two bridges after visiting friends in …

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