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UFO’s Face

UFO's Face

It is believed that the first feet to set foot upon Dartmoor were those of the Mesolithic hunter gatherers who were foraging for food. But whilst reading a Dartmoor web forum I noticed a posting from ‘Number 70’ which pointed out a very strange phenomenon which can only be seen from an altitude of about 2,500 ft.

Anybody who has read any of Eric von Daniken’s books will be well aware of his theory that aliens landed on earth and to help them navigate they constructed many ‘signposts’ than can only be seen from the air. He supposed that many of the ancient constructions formerly attributed to prehistoric man were built under alien guidance. He also considered that many of the images found in prehistoric art were pictures of alien visitors which early man had seen. This theory was very popular in the 1970’s and soon hundreds of alien ‘landing strips’ and ‘signposts’ were being discovered. Over the decades the theory has been much debated and ridiculed.

But on southern Dartmoor has evidence been found of the image of an alien face? Western Beacon can be found at Ordnance Survey grid reference SX 654 575 where the map shows several prehistoric cairns. However, look on Google Earth and slowly zoom in to the beacon. As the image descends closer the image of a face wearing a type of bobble hat begins to emerge. By about 2,500ft it becomes clearer as can be seen from the picture below:

UFO's Face

Image from Google Earth 2006.

To expound this theory even further, if a line is then drawn from the centre of the cairn which represents the ‘bobble’ due north it passes directly through or near to several prehistoric features:

From south to north:

1) Butterdon Hill Cairn

2) Piles Hill Longstone (menhir) and Stone Row

3) Three Barrows

4) Western Whittabarrow

5) Down Ridge Stone Circle

6) Huccaby Ring (prehistoric settlement)

7) Loughtor Man (menhir)

8) Stannon Stone Rows

9) Fernworthy Stone Circle and Rows

10) Scorhill Stone Circle

Could this be an new astrological alignment of archaeological significance or maybe a new ley-line. If it is I think it should be called the ‘Santa Line’ as the image does look a bit like Santa Claus’s face or maybe the ‘Number 70’ in honour of its discoverer.


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