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Hunters Stone

Hunters Stone

This is probably a very non-PC item to include but it is one that is a Dartmoor tradition and so I offer no apologies for its inclusion. Depending how sharp your eye you may notice a large angular boulder beside the intersection of the track that leads up to the Avon Dam and the old Zeal tor tramway. This boulder is known as the Hunter’s Stone and has stood in-situ since 1948 when it was cut by the behest of Mr. C. A. Mohun-Harris the one time owner of Brent Moor House. On it are inscribed the names of Masters of the Dartmoor Foxhounds celebrated in the history of Brent Moor House and various later hunts. The upper face is inscribed with the date, 1948, Commander C. H. Davey R.N. 1919 – 1940, and Carew Coryton 1888 – 1916 (Mr Carew Coryton appears in many stories like the one of Mrs Brown and her day on the moor) . On the southern face is the name, Paul Treby with Trelawny and MH DD on the eastern face, whilst finally the name of Bulteel appears on the northern face.

Hunters Stone

There was another addition to the stone in 1983 when the name, W. L. Goodman was added below that of Bulteel on the northern face. What would all these noted huntsmen think of today’s situation? The Hunter’s Stone would probably be hurled at the Houses of Parliament in disgust.

Hunters Stone

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