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Tales Of Dartmoor

Haunted Vicarage


Probably the last place on earth where you would expect to see unearthly happenings occur is a vicarage. But then again anything is possible on mysterious Dartmoor.Back in the days when Queen Victoria sat on the throne and Britannia ruled the waves there was an aged vicar who dwelt in …

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Dartmoor’s Voxtar Moirr


Here is another step back in time, or rather numerous steps back in time and are the reminisces of a couple of adventurers who strode forth on a trek from Princetown to Ivybridge way back in 1874. I make no excuses for the author’s exact wording of their wanderings as …

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Moortown Maniac


“Love and Vengeance – One of the most resolute of bloodthirsty scoundrels has enacted a deed that scarcely finds an equal – not even in the Newgate Calendar. Three miles from Tavistock there is a place called Moortown, and thence through a lane the traveller reaches Dartmoor. At the very end …

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Legends of the Grey Wethers


One of the more popular of Dartmoor’s stone circles are the enigmatic ‘Grey Wether’s, two stone circles found on the eastern flank of Sittaford Tor. These stone circles are particularly fortunate insomuch as there are five legends that attach themselves to these prehistoric ritual features. The Grey Wethers – version …

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Dartmoor Hare and Hounds


For centuries the folk from Dartmoor have been told grisly tales of the ‘Wisht Hounds’ who with their master stalk the lonely moors at night. Some will say ’tis the Devil ‘imself who leads them while others assert that it’s Squire Cabell. Then there are those who will tell that …

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Apprentices of Hoo Meavy


Not many Christmases go by without one channel or another screening the Dickens classic of Oliver Twist. Having feasted on the traditional Christmas dinner one is then presented of a forlorn looking Oliver pleading for ‘more’ of his workhouse gruel. The story line portrays how harsh life could be in …

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Roborough Down Murder


Roborough Down – the placename was first documented in the index of the Charters and Rolls of 1114 when it appears as Rueberge. The name originated from two Anglo Saxon words – ruh (rough), beorg (hill) and dun (down) which translates as ‘Rough Hill Down’. There is evidence of man’s …

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Fisherman’s Ghost


  Here is a strange tale that was in circulation in 1892 and tells of a sportsman’s experience whilst out on Dartmoor in pursuit of game. There is a strong connection, as far as locality and characters go between fact and reality as will be seen later. “I had been …

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A Dartmoor Christmas Nightmare


Christmastime is never complete without a ghost story and this one dates back to 1847 and relates the terrifying experience one lone traveller had whilst travelling across Dartmoor. Nobody can ever prove or disprove such stories but as far as this particular traveller goes what you are about to read …

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The Odious Piskie


  Some folks will say the piskies are good and others that they are mischievous nuisances and I am saying nothing. But there was a piskie called ‘Leg Ends’ that both humans and little folk detested. The reason he was called ‘Leg Ends’ was because at the end of every …

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