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Dartmoor Places

Corndon Down


Corndon Down was a very special place for the folk who roamed Dartmoor in the Bronze Age, so much so it could have been regarded as a ritual place where they buried their dead. Why? Probably because of the wide ranging vistas that can be seen from the top of …

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“The quarry lies like a gash in the slope of the hills. To the dizzy edges of it creep heather and the bracken; beneath, upon its precipices, a stout rowan or two arise, and everywhere Natures has fought and laboured to hie this wound driven so deep into her mountain-side …

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Yestor Farm


A popular walk around the Princetown area follows the old Great Western Railway Princetown branch track which runs around King’s Tor, Swell Tor and Foggin Tor. There are so many features of industrial archaeology to be seen in and around the quarries that the small ruins which lay below the …

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Great Links Tor


“They sat in a nook of Great Links Tor, looked at the world outspread beneath them, and listened to the hiss of the wind, as it flogged heath and stone and chattering rushes. A million tiny clouds dappled the sky with pure pearl, and far beneath this apparently motionless cloth …

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South Hessary Tor

Hessary Tor1

“The day was slowly shadowed, and the distance, rolling in sober undulations to the south, already indicated the coming change. Seaward the horizon had faded from blue to a welter of grey, and above Plymouth slant curtains of rain were falling. But the sun shone on Hessary; the clouds broke into silver beneath it and …

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Fox Tor

Fox Tor 1

“Ascending the northern slope, we look around. Not a cheerful view certainly. A little moorland farm, whence a dog issues barking furiously at the presence of a strange human form, is the only human habitation in sight. On the side of the hill commanding the valley beneath, rise the low …

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Swallerton Gate

Swallerton GateA

No doubt numerous folk have sped through Swallerton Gate on their way to Jay’s Grave or Manaton, likewise many people would have parked in the car park near to Swallerton Gate before tripping up to Hound Tor. On the surface there is not a lot to see at Swallerton neither …

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Hemsworthy Gate

  Every day numerous cars, vans and buses thunder across the cattlegrid at Hemsworthy Gate as they travel between Widecombe-in-the-Moor and Bovey Tracy or come up from Ashburton. Today one could easily remark that there is nothing special about the place especially as there is in fact no gate to …

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Bullaton Farm

PLEASE NOTE – Bullaton Farm is on private land and the only access is the public footpath running above the farm. There are numerous farms dotted around Dartmoor so why this page on Bullaton. It may sound sad but it is because of two very special features that can be …

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Yes Tor

Yes Tor

If tors have feelings then Yes Tor must be pretty despondent, for centuries this majestic granite outcrop had been hailed as the highest place in Devon only, thanks to improved surveying techniques, to be relegated into second place by its close neighbour High Willhays. What made matters worse was that …

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