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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Pony Drift of 1923


If you happen across a Dartmoor pony drift today you will see that in the main it’s an operation that consists of a combination of horsepower and mechanised vehicles such as quad bikes and trail bikes. However in days gone by there were a couple of vast differences, firstly the …

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Herb Bennet


  If ever you happen to be strolling along a Dartmoor lane any time between May and September and happen to notice a small yellow flower growing in a hedgerow then there is a chance that you have just come across Herb Bennet. To be precise the Latin name for …

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Moor Beer


  Moor Beer – now there’s a sentiment that many folk will appreciate especially when the beer and ales are actually brewed on Dartmoor. Having sampled many of them in-situ so to speak I can verify that the art of brewing is still alive and kicking on the moor. For …

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Tragedy at Mary Tavy


  Mary Tavy is a small and tranquil moorland village nestled snugly in a small valley above the River Tavy but sadly in the August of 1905 things were far from peaceful. The events over that August Bank Holiday are probably one of the most tragic and pitiful in the …

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Early Ploughs and Ploughmen of Dartmoor


“Is my team ploughing, That I was used to drive And hear the harness jingle When I was man alive?” Ay, the horses trample, The harness jingles now; No change though you lie under The land you used to plough.” A. E. Housman Even today I think there is something …

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Museum of Dartmoor Life at Okehampton


  No visit to Dartmoor is complete without a visit to the Museum of Dartmoor Life which is conveniently located in the centre of Okehampton. Here you can step back through millennia of Dartmoor’s history by way of exhibits which show how they lived, where they worked, how they played …

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Bridges Over the River Meavy


“Lower Meavy Bridge was once a picturesque ivy-covered stone arch bridge but was replaced by an iron construction in 1909, and was from then known as Iron Bridge.” Pauline Hemery, The Book of Meavy, p.21. Dartmoor has many fine examples of early bridges all of which carried ancient routes used …

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Sheepstor’s Bull Ring


  In the August of 1908 Amos Shillibeer was ploughing one of his fields when the point of one of the plough shares became caught in a large metal ring which was buried in the soil. Some forty years later the Rev. Hugh Breton and Amos’ son George went to …

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Wise Waggoner, The


  It was a dark winter’s night when all on the moor was coated by a thick frost which sparkled in the still moonlight, the small inn was unusually quite with just a few local packmen and waggoners sat around the smoky peat fire. It was on such nights when …

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Watchmaker of Lydford


This is not a legend as such but it is one of those quirky things that are a ‘must see’ if you are in Lydford. Tucked neatly to the right of the church porch is a small rectangular grave. It’s obviously much visited as there is a small track worn …

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