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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

A Dartmoor Christmas Nightmare


Christmastime is never complete without a ghost story and this one dates back to 1847 and relates the terrifying experience one lone traveller had whilst travelling across Dartmoor. Nobody can ever prove or disprove such stories but as far as this particular traveller goes what you are about to read …

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A Dartmoor Christmas 1899


  Whilst trawling through some old newspapers I came across this account of a ‘Dartmoor Christmas’ written in 1899 and if you yearn for a nostalgic portrayal of a simple but happy Christmas then read on. There will be no mention of children staring intently at Ipad screens, adults checking …

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Dartmoor Ivory


  Dartmoor Ivory – now before anyone wonders, there are not or have there ever been any herds of wild elephants roaming Dartmoor but back in 1925 somebody was making a living from ornaments and jewellery from ‘Dartmoor Ivory’. I recently came across the following article which appeared in the …

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The Odious Piskie


  Some folks will say the piskies are good and others that they are mischievous nuisances and I am saying nothing. But there was a piskie called ‘Leg Ends’ that both humans and little folk detested. The reason he was called ‘Leg Ends’ was because at the end of every …

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Charabancing on Dartmoor


“The whip is held in superb style, The reigns are well in hand, The horses full of pluck and breed, The coach is some what grand. The driver studies one and all, And does without tobacco, Or he can smoke a nice cigar, But asks permission first tho’.” The above …

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Terril Posts


  Sitting on top of Ter Hill are two granite crosses (known locally as the ‘Terhill Posts‘) which at onetime marked the old monastic track which ran between the abbeys of Tavistock to Buckfast. They are part of a line of 12 other such crosses which acted as guideposts for …

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Dartmoor’s Maltern Way


  Of all of the tracks on Dartmoor the oldest is probably the one that runs from near Holne moorgate in the west to Cockle’s Gate in the east. Today the distance is about 7 miles but it may originally have been a mile or two longer. What marks this …

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Dartmoor on a Motorcycle


Dartmoor is more than capable for setting challenges of all shapes and sizes but probably one of the more stranger of such took place over one hundred years ago. It involved a man, a vintage motorcycle and over fifteen miles of the moor’s rugged landscape. The man was Mr. J. …

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Mythical Bottor Rock

Amongst other claims to fame the small rock pile called Bottor Rock is arguably the most eastern of Dartmoor tors. The small pile can be found just south-west of the tiny village of Hennock and stands at a height of 793 feet. If you read most of the topographical Dartmoor …

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The Purple Harvest on Dartmoor.


  “To where the Whortleberries lure I hie, Thinking of tasty whortleberry pie; A most delightful, delicacy it To set before the epicure is fit! The picker’s task, maybe, is tedious, Gathering the blue-black globules of the bush. Now once again is whortleberry time, Down westwards in our glorious summer …

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