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Tim Sandles

Tim Sandles is the founder of Legendary Dartmoor

Starvation Company


Ever since parts of Dartmoor has been used for training there have been a whole variety of tests carried out but none so strange as the one completed by the ‘Starvation Company’. There is the old adage – “an army marches on its stomach,” which I suppose is fairly obvious …

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Perrott’s Obituary


Over the centuries Dartmoor has seen many characters come and go and one such was James Perrott of Chagford. It can be said that a man’s legacy can be seen from his obituary and as you will read to below there can be no question that James Perrott left a …

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Moreton Sessions

If you search the online UK Crime Statistics for Moretonhampstead in the February of 2019 you will see that there were three types of crime reported; one case of shoplifting, 1 case of other theft and 1 case of undefined violence/sexual offence. So one could say that in the centre …

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Okehampton Market 1904

For centuries if a farmer or any keeper of livestock wanted to buy or sell their animals then it was off to market they went. In the not to distant past Dartmoor livestock would have been taken to one of the weekly markets held in most towns such as Okehampton, …

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It is a well known fact that since 1873 various parts of Dartmoor have been used for military training. Today the areas on which this can take place are clearly defined but that was not always the case. In the August of 1873 some 9,000 soldiers took part in two …

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Frenchbeer Monolith

It’s a well known fact that Dartmoor granite is ideally suited for fashioning monuments and gravestones and examples of such can be seen all around the United Kingdom. In the churchyard of St. Michael and All Angels at Pirbright stands a huge monolith of Dartmoor granite. This marks the grave …

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Manaton Church

It’s many years since I last went to St. Winifred’s church at Manaton and that was just a fleeting visit so on a typical Dartmoor day with heavy showers interspersed with bursts of sunshine I called in again. On walking through the lych gate the sun burst through the grey …

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Wisht Hounds

“The tradition of the ‘Wish Huntsman’ and his ‘Demon Dogs’ still lingers on Dartmoor, but in a very shadowy state. The Dewer Stone is regarded as the spot he chiefly favours, and report used to describe him as a swarthy individual who hunted at night, and then only when a …

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Words of Wisdom


Here is an account come guide book come survival guide for Dartmoor which was written in 1873. As can be seen somethings never change whilst others give just a glimpse of days long gone by and never to be seen again. Some will say it’s a good thing whilst others …

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Lost Temple

As always, whilst researching something else I came across the following paragraph in a paper written by Samuel Rowe in the 1830 issue of  ‘The Transactions of the Plymouth Institution’; “In a small pasture field about a furlong S. E. of Manaton church, adjoining a parish road, is an enclosure …

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